What is EcoControl certifying?

1. Natural and organic cosmetics


The strictest standard, as NATRUE defines minimum levels of natural ingredients for different product categories for 3 different qualities (natural cosmetics, cosmetics with an organic portion and organic cosmetics).
The most experience producers of organic cosmetics are using this standard

NSF / ANSI 305

This standard is a MUST for organic claim on cosmetics in the US Market.

Natural Cosmetic Standard (NCS)

The standard without percentage calculation, lowest label fee and without political work of an association.

Nature Care Product Standard (NCPS)

The standard for natural detergents.


The strictest organic standard, because only very limited number of derived natural ingredients is allowed. There is no natural cosmetics level.

2. Raw Materials / Ingredients

EcoControl is certifying raw materials processed from organic agricultural products (including wild collection) which are no food or feed products.

The following certification schemes are accepted for the organic quality proofs of the organic ingredients:

Regulation EEC 834/07 with 889/08 including all standards of the accepted third countries and all standards approved as equivalent according to the Regulation 1235 / 2008.
Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) for organic plants,
Codex Alimentarius Guidelines for organic production
All IFOAM standards for organic products (e.g. Naturland, Demeter, Bioland, Soil Association, Bio Suisse).

EcoControl is certifying the organic quality of the processed product. The accepted processing procedures are physical extraction, CO2 extraction, and Water vapour extraction, extracts using plant oil or alcohol (including Glycerine). Essential oils have to be in accordance with ISO 9235. Extraction solvents are explicitly noted on the certificate.

3. Quality Management Systems

GMP Systeme GMP ISO 22716:2007 EC GMP

4. Standards for Sustainability

Certified Sustaniable Economics (CSE)