Our partners

The Society for Applied Ethics in Business (GfaW)

The Society for Applied Ethics in Busines founded in 2012, is focused on the challenging combination of ethics and business. The standard giver is our partner in the areas of product certification and certified sustainability in companies. Its flagship is the world’s most demanding sustainability certification CSE (Certified-Sustainable-Economics), a standard for sustainable business management. The CSE standard provides a clear benchmark for companies in all industries and serves as a comprehensive sustainability proof for customers and business partners.
GfaW also offers two ecological product certifications: NCS (Natural-Cosmetics-Standard) for certified natural cosmetics with four options: NCS, NCS-vegan, NCS-organic-quality and NCS-vegan-organic-quality. And NCPS (Nature-Care-Product-Standard) for articles of everyday use, also available in vegan quality.

The Prüfgesellschaft

The certification body „PRÜFVEREIN VERARBEITUNG ökologische Landbauprodukte e.V.“ is our partner for the certification of organic food according to the Regulation EEC 834/07 with 889/08. The Prüfverein is a close partner to the DEMETER association.