The EcoControl quality policy

The EcoControl quality policy is based on the following principals:

EcoControl has no own standards. It is our experience that own standards influence the independence of a certification body in a negative sense
The aim of EcoControl is to work in networks, using the infrastructure and auditors of other certification bodies. Networking supports independency of the auditors and improves their experience
EcoControl is supporting home working in order to reduce fix costs

EcoControl is aiming at a sustainable development and management. this is supported by the following factors:

Use of local auditors if possible, based on the networking activities
Appropriate payment of staff, respecting family situations
Fair and individual treatment of customers, search for individual solutions without neglecting the quality of services and without undergoing the processes in place
Standards that are certified by EcoControl shall always be in the ecological sector. This does not mean exclusive work in the area of renewable products. The sustainable use of Minerals and nature identical raw materials are included. For these endless raw materials the recycling aspect plays a essential role.