The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will feature green materials, new technologies, marketing and customer impacts. Hosted on a customised online platform, the executive summit will take place on

25-28th October 2021 (CET). What new green materials are emerging for cosmetic & personal care applications? How are they creating product innovations? How are new technologies creating sustainable materials, and changing customer behaviour? How can responsible behaviour and sustainable consumption be encouraged? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this virtual edition. Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetics & personal care industry. Organised by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor), the aim of the summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major industry issues in a high-level forum.

Up date from NAC Meeting dated 29 th of January 2021​

On-site audit (dec​​ision applicable due covid-19 pandemic)

It was agreed during NACs meeting that, when the Preliminary certificate expires, the remote audit is necessary if the travel restrictions does not allow to carry a proper on-site audit. The remote audit can be sufficient replacement of the on-site audit if it is conducted with appropriate procedures and tools such as virtual audit tours with cameras that allow to check the conditions of storage and production areas. The impossibility to conduct an on-site audit and the necessity of replacing it with a remote-audit should be proven by the NAC. The on-site audit remains necessary where possible.


  • Where pandemic travel restrictions are in place, a remote audit properly performed can be a replacement of an on-site audit for the issue of the Final Certificate.
  • If the new brand is produced by the operator who already produce NATRUE certified brands, it can be a reason to issue the Final Certificate after carrying remote audit. This derogation from Section 7.2.4 of the Requirements of Control bodies is valid only when travel restrictions take place and on-site audit is not possible.
  • The extension of the Preliminary Certificate for another 6 months is not necessary.​

Les couts des services EcoControl vont changer a parti du premier Janvier 2021

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Changes made in the NATRUE Version 3.9, valid from 1.1.2021

  1. NATRUE requires that, wherever possible and available, natural or derived natural raw materials from palm oil and palm kernel oil must come from RSPO or other certified sustainable supply chains and mass balance (MB) quality as a minimum requirement
  2. NATRUE has decided to simplify its three certification levels to two: natural or organic

Detailed information yo find here –>

EcoControl attitude with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Date 2020-03-23

Our attitude is willingness to oblige and we show understanding for the individual situation! We shall adapt our actions always to the actual situation.

The EcoControl attitude is equal to the official attitude of the authorities and this means in detail:

  1. the spreading of the Virus cannot be stopped but only slowed down
  2. the risk for an infection has to be determined individually and with regard to the audit planning a case to case decision is necessary.
  3. The risk of infection with this virus will continue at least for the next 1-2- years. This needs to be clear to each company and it means that the postponement of the audit does not lower the risk of infection. The risk for an infestation will not be lowered in the near future but will even raise.
  4. Due to the restriction of the permission to go out and travel restrictions as well as hotel closings on-site audits are replaced by remote / video audits with document checks.

Behaviour if the audit date should be cancelled:

We look for the personal contact to the responsible Person of the company and explain on the phone why the auditor is not infectious, when he will carry out the audit, as there was:

  • No visit of a region of risk
  • No contact to an infected person
  • No symptoms in the last 2 weeks

May NATRUE products be sold if the first audit is postponed?

Also first audits may be replaced by remote audits.

Consequences if the audit is cancelled

None if a remote audit takes place

Best regards

Yours Dr. Joachim Banzhaf

NATRUE Raw Material Approval

NATRUE, the association for natural cosmetics has adapted its standard in the new version and requests that all raw materials used in NATRUE certified cosmetics are either certified or approved. This shall be implemented in a transition period until January 2022. In detail this means:

  • Raw material processors for raw materials used in NATRUE certified cosmetics need to choose a NATRUE approved and accredited certification body in order to get their products officially approved
  • The advantage will be that raw materials only need to be approved only once and are then published in the NATRUE intranet, visible for all NATRUE certification bodies and all certified processors

There will be no on-site audits, but only a document evaluation as done already so far. Only of organic raw materials that are processed outside the approved certification schemes there needs to be an initial onsite audit. In this case, if possible, we cooperate with the certification bodies for organic food.

Dernières nouvelles & liens


Absence of European Harmonized Standard from 01/01/2017

Ecocontrol would like to inform you of the following statement made on the NATRUE website (press section – available in EN, DE, and FR – to follow in IT translation shortly):­press/­article/­article/­no-european-harmonised-standard-on-1st-january-2017/­

I am informing you because NATRUE has noted, and been informed by certain members, of misleading communication in the media surround the end of the transition period for implementation of the COSMOS standard by its founders.

Please find the facts below:

  • The end of this transition period does not mean that there will be as of 01/01/2017 one standard setting criteria for natural and organic cosmetics in Europe (or anywhere globally), or that there is one label for Europe either.
  • There is no official definition in law (i.e. Regulation) for either a natural or organic cosmetic product.
  • The absence of European harmonised standard for Natural and Organic Cosmetics has been previously communicated in an official statement by the EU Commission (attached).
  • Any suggestion that this is the case is misleading. Both the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ for cosmetics remain claims under Article 20 of the EU Cosmetic Regulation.
  • All cosmetics on the European market must comply with EU law, where Natural and Organic Cosmetic products are an officially undefined sector of the tightly regulated European industry.
  • In the absence of an official regulatory definition of Natural and Organic Cosmetic products there exist private, voluntary standards like that of NATRUE, which sets criteria for the NATRUE Label.

Please find below a quote from NATRUE from the above press statement on our website:

« On 1st January 2017 there will not be a mandatory European harmonised standard setting criteria for all Natural and Organic Cosmetics, and there will be no obligatory Label in Europe for Natural and Organic Cosmetics on this date either

NATRUE will continue to advocate that any future regulatory definition of Natural and Organic Cosmetics must be appropriate, relevant and strict, and pending an official regulatory definition the strict NATRUE Label criteria will continue. »

on 1st January 2017

5-nature identical substances – No change in conformity status

Concerning the previously notifed 5 nature-identical substances that are

  1.  Silver Oxide (Ag2O)
  2. Silver Sulfate (Ag2SO4)
  3. Potassium silicate
  4. Prussian Blue/Ferric hexacyanoferrate Fe4[Fe(CN)6]3] / CI 77510
  5. Manganese violet (MnNH4P2O7 / CI 77742)

The SC recommendation (Nov15 interpretation of criteria) had previously recommended to de-list (effective change of criteria) the above 5 nature-identical substances from Annex 2, effective from 1st January 2017.

The BOD have in the meantime considered the situation, and have so far not validated this recommendation for finalisation. This means that the recommendation will not been implementated as an effective change of criteria to-date.


  • There will be NO change to the status of these Annex 2 INCIs effective 1st January 2017.
  • INCIs listed on Annex 2, as any other NATRUE criteria Annex, are permitted for use until officially de-listed.

Please note that this does not change the status of the acceptable proof requirements decision from the SC regarding nature-identical substances (e.g. pigments/minerals) as stated in the June 2016 interpretation of criteria.


nouvelles règles de contrôle pour les audits NATRUE

NATRUE a défini que chaque marque nouvellement introduite doit être vérifié 6 mois après l’introduction / certification, indépendamment du fait que la vérification annuelle a déjà eu lieu ou d’autres marques ont été vérifiés cette année.
-> Voir­fileadmin/­natrue/­downloads/­IOAS/­CERTIFICATION_PROCESS_12-05-2016.pdf


Accreditation par IOAS

Nous l’avons fait. Nous avons été accrédités par les services internationaux d’accréditation biologique (IOAS)